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Mehdi Hasan : un jeune journaliste, politique britannique, et iconoclaste

Publié par medisma sur 10 Mai 2016, 19:25pm

Mehdi Hasan : un jeune journaliste, politique britannique et iconoclaste



I- Mehdi Hasan | L'islam est-il une religion pacifique ? | Oxford Union


II- Mehdi Hasan | Interview de l'ambassadeur saoudien à l'ONU |

UpFront - What is Saudi Arabia's endgame in Yemen and Syria?

Quel est l’objectif final de l’Arabie Saoudite en Syrie et au Yemen ?



« J'ai demandé à l'ambassadeur saoudien à l'ONU pourquoi il soutient la démocratie en Syrie mais pas en Arabie Saoudite »


Mehdi HasanCompte certifié@mehdirhasan

I asked the Saudi ambassador to the UN why he supports democracy in Syria but not in Saudi Arabia - @AJUpFront clip:



Preview: Mehdi Hasan speaks to Abdallah al-Mouallimi

Watch the full episode Friday, March 25 at 1930GMT

06:45 - 25 mars 2016




III- Qui est Mehdi Hasan ?

Date de naissance : 1979

Formation : Christ Church(Oxford)

Mehdi Hasan est un journaliste politique britannique. Biographe d'Ed Miliband et rédacteur en chef de la version anglaise du Huffington Post; d'origine indienne et présentateur sur Al Jazeera English de The Café et Head to Head. 


 Biography (Wikipédia)


Mehdi Hasan (born 1979) is a British political journalist, broadcaster and author.

As a journalist and author, Hasan is the co-author of a biography of Ed Miliband and the political editor of the UK version of The Huffington Post. From a British Indian background, he is the presenter of Al Jazeera English shows The CaféHead to Head and UpFront.

In 2015, Hasan moved to Washington DC to work full time for Al Jazeera on UpFront.


Hasan was educated at Merchant Taylors' School, a day independent school for boys at Sandy Lodge in the Three Rivers District of Hertfordshire, near the town of Northwood in North West London, followed by Christ Churchat the University of Oxford, where he read Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), and graduated in 2000.

Life and career

Hasan worked as a researcher and then producer on LWT's Jonathan Dimbleby programme, with a brief period in between on BBC1's The Politics Show. Following this, he became deputy executive producer on Sky's breakfast show Sunrise before moving to Channel 4 as their editor of news and current affairs. He was appointed senior editor (politics) at the New Statesman in late spring of 2009, where he stayed until May 2012, then becoming political director of The Huffington Post website

Hasan became a presenter on Al Jazeera's English news channel in May 2012. Hasan has appeared (six times) on the BBC's Question Time programme, and the Sunday morning programmes The Big Questions andSunday Morning Live.

Recorded at the Oxford UnionHead to Head is a programme on Al Jazeera English in which Hasan interviews major public figures; it had run for three series by December 2014. Since 2015, working full time for the network in Washington DC, Hasan has hosted a weekly interview and discussion programme.

Mehdi Hasan : un jeune journaliste, politique britannique, et iconoclaste
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