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Liberate the president ! (en anglais)

Publié par medisma sur 10 Avril 2018, 21:08pm

Liberate the president !
(en anglais)

In the globalised world of today people get a lot of information – of course most of it is disinformation, or incomplete or just propaganda from those who are in power. In western Europe the main stream media are controlled almost completely by a few coorporations or persons who are all anti-russian and anti-Putin. They want to take over the whole world both economically and politically, and they understand that the main obstacle to that is Russia, Putin, and China. So Russia in general and president Putin in particular are blamed for everything and accused of anything, every day in western “main stream dis-information media”. Economic problems in the west, energy-crisis, refugee-crisis, EU-crisis, Syrian war, Yemen war, Turkey-crisis and of course most of all, the Novorossia/former-Ukraine crisis is blamed on Russia. I can agree on the last point – but of course not as the western media means – that crisis should have been solved in february 2014 by re-instating the legal president Yanukovich (even if he was no good), or in april 2014 by honoring president Putins words to defend the people of Novorossia from nazi attacks, or in august 2014 or february 2015 by supporting the Army of Novorossia to liberate all of Novorossia in stead of holding them back with meaningless Minsk-agreements.

The lies in western main stream media (and in the part of russian media that is controlled by the liberal traitors), are so exaggerated and hilarious that more and more people understand it is only propaganda. Still those media channels persist because they think that most people are stupid. Well, some people are stupid, but I believe that most have integrity enough and intellectual capacity enough to see through the lies.

You cannot even imagine what articles circulate in the west about Russia and the president. Some examples: Russia will be extinct in 20 years; Russia will occupy Europe next year; Russian primary schools teach children to use weapons; Russia is only days from bankruptcy; Russia has most gold in the world… and about the president: Putin is the richest man in the world; Putin has lost all his money; Putin kills journalists and opposition politicians; Putin decides everything in Russia; Putin is just a  marionette for the oligarchs, and so on…..As you can see the lies are often contradictory, but in the west the best way to sell a newspaper is to write about Russia or to put president Putins photo on the front page!

Well, about the president there are of course many things we do not know: has he 80% power in the Kreml or just 20%? Does he try to please both the liberal traitors/foreign bankers and the patriots, or does he support one group over the other? Has he a plan for everything or is he just improvising? But these questions are not seriously addressed by anyone!

He is elected to do the best for Russia and the people, i.e. to be nationalistic, not to appease the liberal traitors or the americans – so hopefully the answers to the above questions are self-evident. He can count on the support from four powerful factions: the people, the military, the security service and the church. This support is based on persuasion and belief but also on the fact that these four factions were to suffer the most if ever the liberal traitors would come to power again, like during the Jeltsin-times. It is good to know that behind the president there are patriotic people like Ivanov and Rogozin to continue his work and that the liberal traitors do not have anyone of the same dignity. (I do not consider Medvedev a real threat nor a fully-fledged liberal traitor, not yet anyway). The liberal traitors and the banksters have many oligarchs on their side, but far from all – many oligarchs are patriotic as well. The liberal traitors and banksters also have controll over a part of the russian media, but it is far from total and much less than their counterparts in the west. The patriotic side understands the importance of the media and are constantly strengthening their position on internet and TV. It is an important work that they must continue, they must expose the traitors and help to liberate the president from their influence! Then we will solve all the crises mentioned above and have a free Novorossia and Malorossia!

The liberation of Novorossia and Malorossia and Transniestria is the only realistic solution to a very serious problem. But to achieve this, we must first liberate the president from the traitors in Kreml and the foreign bankers that are holding him back. And this can be done by reformatting the government and the leadership of the Bank of Russia and by supporting the patriots in Russia and in Novorossiya.


by Nicholas Nicholaides


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